"It is only with the heart that one can see rightly"

"It is only with the heart that one can see rightly"

The Timeline of Gianna Cervi

43 Years - 3 Months

  • Wedding of my paternal grandparents

  • The family grows ...

  • It's Silvia!

  • Silvia with her grandparents


31 July

Gianna CerviAll

Ravenna, Italia

Silvia with her grandparents

The happiness of my parents after the birth of #Silvia, the first grandchild of the #Family Cervi

26 May

Gianna CerviAll

Ravenna, Italy

It's Silvia!

I cannot think of a greater joy than when I cuddled you just a few moments after your birth. From the very first moment I watched you and I held you in my arms, it all made sense...
You were born at 02.30 P.M. and you weighed 3450g.
Grandma had prepared a little surprise for this occasion: the blanket she used when I was born, which her mother had knitted and kept for all these years for this special day (that's the one you see on the picture). You liked so much that blanket that it was the only one that made you fall asleep as if you were protected by different generations with love and serenity ... #family #Silvia

12 March

Gianna CerviAll

Ravenna, Italia

The family grows ...

Seeing my own body transforming itself to welcome a new life is a new and beautiful feeling: we took the same picture every month to remind us of every little change while you were growing inside me. You were not born yet #Silvia but we were already a #family! ❤️



2 June

Gianna CerviAll

Ferrara, Italia

Wedding of my paternal grandparents

My grandmother care so much about this photo that she had always kept it carefully in the drawer of her bedside table, between the pages of a book to preserve it at its best; she never even framed it for fear of being ruined. From time to time she sat on the bed, took it in her hand and spent a few moments to watch it, remembering those times, her youth, her face without wrinkles, my grandfather's love and every time I read in her eyes all the emotions of years of a hard life, but at the same time they were full of joy. They had never taken a picture together before that moment and the wedding was a special occasion to go to the local photographer to fix forever that important day. Now it's up to me to care about this photo for my #grandparents, for me, who loved them so much, and to narrate the story of our #family for my children when they grow up ...


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