"Le courage n'est pas l'absence de peurs, mais la capacité de les vaincre"

"Le courage n'est pas l'absence de peurs, mais la capacité de les vaincre"

La timeline di Georges V. Balthazar

43 Anni - 1 Mese

  • Mon arrière grand-mère maternelle...

  • Mon arrière-arrière grand-mère maternelle

  • 10 ans / 10 anni / 10 years old


10 Luglio

Georges V. BalthazarTutti

Bretagne, France

10 ans / 10 anni / 10 years old

I remember quite well this birthday as I turned 10: I was leaving childhood to become a teenager and I felt more "adult".
Well, I did not care of fashion and clothes in 1987...it sounds quite obvious when you look at my haircut and how I was dressed on these pictures 😀 But it was the beginning of a new period of my life: I was about to change school, to make new friends and to learn a lot of new things and experiences in life during the next 5/6 years...I still have very good memories of my adolescence, but very few pictures unfortunately...this is an awkward stage of life! 😀 😀
I am with my maternal grandmother on the second picture. ❤️ She was 73 and she is 103 years old today when I write these lines! 😉
Nice to find these old Polaroid pictures: I remember a few moments of that day, thanks to my father who insisted to make the 10th picture with a board indicating my age 😉
#birthday #mamie



1 Agosto

Georges V. BalthazarTutti

Place du Marchallach, Lannion, Francia

Mon arrière-arrière grand-mère maternelle

La grand-mère maternelle...de ma grand-mère ! 😀
The maternal grand-mother...of my grand-mother ! 😀
La nonna materna...di mia nonna ! 😀
#mamie Catherine Peron (1862 - 1959) - Date approximative du souvenir - Approximate date for this memory - data approssimativa del ricordo.



15 Aprile

Georges V. BalthazarTutti

Bretagne, France

Mon arrière grand-mère maternelle...

...et ma grand-mère dans ses bras. Unique photo que je connaisse d'elle. Elle mouru à peu près deux ans plus tard.


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