"Le courage n'est pas l'absence de peurs, mais la capacité de les vaincre"

"Le courage n'est pas l'absence de peurs, mais la capacité de les vaincre"

La timeline de Georges V. Balthazar

42 Años - 2 Meses

  • Marmande: the place where I learnt to swim

  • Jerez & Valencia Circuits - Road trip in Spain


25 Agosto

Georges V. BalthazarTodos

Circuit permanent de Jerez, Jerez de la Frontera, España & Ricardo Tormo Circuit, Cheste, Province de Valence, España

Jerez & Valencia Circuits - Road trip in Spain

One of my best holidays with the bike: I bought the RST Futura to do trips like that one which was the first one with this fantastic bike and Sara Valeri
We travelled for about 12 days in South of Spain and we made a stop on two tracks which were on our road (except Montmelò which I already knew was not accessible and Barcelona was just a stay for one night before going to South): Valencia on the 21st and Jerez on the 25th; in Valencia we managed to enter and see the track from the tribune for a few minutes thanks to a very comprensive staff and bike lovers whereas in Jerez Aprilia and Kawasaki Offical SBK teams were there for some tests. 😉
We were exhausted but we created fantastic memories...thinking about this trip a few months later, we do not think anymore about the tiredness but only about nice moments on the bike and in fantastic sunny places! 😃 Sea, Sun & Motorbike! 😀 #moto #holidays #roadtrip #RST



24 Julio

Georges V. BalthazarTodos


Marmande: the place where I learnt to swim

Fantastic memories in Marmande as we were invited in a family house to spend a few days. The first days I was amazed by the swimming pool but did not dare to use it as I was not able to swim properly...but a few hours were enough to look at my family enjoying the swimming-pool and to decide I had to try: once in the water I discovered that it was really easy with the help of some buoy and inflatable swim toys. I had a lot of fun and I still remember how much I was affraid when my uncle's brother was diving under water, pull me under water for a few seconds and threw me in the air then (first picture): that was really cool and it helped me to swim quickly trying to avoid him to catch me! Fear was not as high as the laughs and joy we had during these moments. 😀 I think I started to love swimming pools during these holidays: I had so much fun and it was so refreshing! I also remember to eat water melon for the first time in Marmande as it was a warm Summer. Many of my holidays as a child are still very good moment to remeber and I thank so much my parents for allowing us to have Summer holidays during my childhood as it creates a lot of memories once you are an adult! I remember the trips in the car, discovering new places, listening to my walkman, making list of all my toys and stuff not to forget during holidays and starting to love travelling!!! 😉 😃


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