Welcome to Wollol!

Before you start your experience, we kindly ask you to carefully read our Terms of Service listed below.

The Terms of Service make you understand what your rights, obligations and responsibilities are and the service operating principles .

This document, together with the privacy policy, is crucial as it explains how Wollol works and how we interact with you. Let's get started!

1. Introduction
1.1 Definitions:

• Content: it includes any publication on www.wollol.net, as well as any other part of the Service, such as images, text, messages, information, and / or other content types.

• Device: this is the electronic device such as PC, tablet, smartphone that has an internet connection and therefore enables the access to www.wollol.net.

• Free: It's the basic version of the service offered by Wollol s.r.l.s., which is offered free of charge.

• Privacy Policy: this is the document that aims to explain the management and processing of personal and sensitive data of the users implemented by Wollol s.r.l.s. or any of its delegates.

• Paid: constitutes the extended version that embodies greater functionality than the basic one (Free). This option entails a money payment which could take form in both  a subscription fee plan or an individual purchase of a service.

• Promo: it refers to the  promotional offer with the favorauble terms of the paid service or some of its features. The same term applies to the whole promotional period too.

• Trial version: it refers to the trial period for the paid service or some of its functionality.

• Service: it refers to the social and interactive features made available to the User by Wollol s.r.l.s., in the person of l.r.p.t., p. Iva and c.f. 01919360436, with registered offices in 62010 Montecosaro (MC), via F.lli Cervi n. 32, Italy, by enrolling the same User on the website www.wollol.net. The functionality is described below in Terms of Service.

• Terms of Service ( i.e Terms & Conditions of Use): it describe the operations,services and functionality available on www.wollol.net

• Third parties: legal entities, either natural or legal, public or private, national or community, who interact with Wollol and the users within the service, providing, where appropriate, additional services that add up to those provided by Wollol .

• User: it is the natural person, consumer or entrepreneur, company, association, consortium, foundation or cooperative belonging to the European Union or not, or all of them, registered or accessing www.wollol.net and that it wants to take advantage of the features provided within. The user may, when signing up to the website, specify his or her private or public characte, companyr or third party support.

• Wollol: it applies to the set of features, activities and content offered by and on www.wollol.net together with the site itself, as well as the company that owns the trademark (which operates in compliance with the Italian Law), registered name, web domain, head The Wollol srls in person of l.r.p.t, p. Iva and c.f. 01919360436, with registered offices in 62010 Montecosaro (MC), via F.lli Cervi n. 32, Italy.

1.2 Registration:

By signing up and / or accessing to the website www.wollol.net or the Wollol Application, and by using the features contained therein, the user accepts and signs a binding contract with Wollol s.r.l.s., in person of the l.r.p.t., p. Iva and Fiscal Code. 01919360436, with registered offices in 62010 Montecosaro (MC), via F.lli Cervi n. 32, Italy.

The user hereby agrees to observe and comply with these Terms of service described herein and to respect the Privacy Policy, available here.
Therefore, the user acknowledges that he/she has read, understood and accepted these Terms of Use. If the user does not intend to accept or respect these Terms, he/she can't use the Service.

When the user signs up, he/she will be asked to enter his / her data to create a proper profile , as well as the user name details and password.

The password protects the user account and the user is solely responsible for keeping it confidential and secure. The user understands and agrees to be responsible for any use of your User name and password within the Service. In case of theft or loss of the username and / or password, or if you believe that third parties have been unauthorized to access to your account, please notify us immediately and change your password as soon as possible.

The service can be used by users who have reached the legal age established by their country of residence and even so the user has to be at least 18 years old.

Users are therefore advised to consult the specific legal age of their home country as Wollol as expressed stated.

Users who are underage do not have to use the service or provide any kind of personal information.Parents of underage children are kindly requested to contact us as soon as they become aware of their children's activity on our service. All contact details are found on www.wollol.net.

1.3 Changes to the Terms of Service and  Privacy Statement:

Wollol s.r.l.s. may make changes and update the privacy policy statement at its own discretion. In such case Wollol s.r.l.s. will notify the users through email or notifications within the service

Changes may also be disclose in advance by an appropriate communication that will contain the intention to make changes or to update these documents.

Acceptance or the continued use of the service by the user after in the period following the entry into force of the changes, constitutes acceptance of the same changes by users itself. To this end, users are encouraged to pay attention to the communications and variations that may be made by Wollol s.r.l.s to the Terms of Service and Privacy Statement

If the user does not wish to continue to use the service, in accordance with the new version of the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, please do not use the Service and communicate your intention to info@wollol.net to enable Wollol srls to delete the user Profile.

2. Terms of Service/Use
2.1 Technical Requirements:

The Service offered by Wollol s.r.l.s. through the website www.wollol.net, makes use of the server client technology, and it is designed to operate with major web browsers, such as Internet Explorer 11 or higher, Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari 8, or higher.

The above site has been optimized with responding desing so that it can also be  properly seen on mobile devices such as mobile phones, tablets and similar devices.

Within the limits of the applicable law, Wollol s.r.l.s. reserves the right to modify or terminate, periodically and at any time, temporarily or permanently, the functions and functionality of the Service, with or without prior notice and without taking on responsibility toward the users, unless prohibited by the law in their respective home countries, any interruption, modification or termination of the Service or other related functions or functionality. If the User has gotten a Paid Service, and this is permanently terminated by Wollol s.r.l.s. prior to the expiration date of the service itself, disregarding any possible exceptions stated by the law in force in the respective consumer's country of residence, Wollol s.r.l.s., will not be required to refound the users for the prepayment period.

Any changes, updates, or changes to the technical operating requirements of www.wollol.net will be communicated to users by Wollol in the manner and timing specified in the Terms of Service and Privacy Statement above mentioned. The user understands and agrees that Wollol s.r.l.s will not assume any obligation to maintain, support, improve or update the Service or provide specific content through the Service.

2.2 The Service

By signing up and / or accessing the site www.wollol.net, the User is provided with a web space where he/she can enter and share with other users images and other multimedia content, post comments and opinions, within the limits stated by the Terms of Service, contents posted by other users. Wollol therefore gives to the users a limited, non-exclusive and revocable license for the use of the Service.

Therefore, the user may, according to his/her preferences and privacy settings, authorize other users to see their content and / or include relevant comments, and link their user profiles to other users profiles upon request.

The Service offered by Wollol s.r.l.s. is free (Free version). However, Wollol reserves the right to limit some Free Service's features, through internet ads or display ads. Wollol also reserves the right to add some activities, applications, service extensions, or web space available only upon payment of a fee (Paid Service). Once the paid service is purchased the user is not entitled for any money compensations or refund; unless noted otherwise by the Law of the users home country.

3. User Rights and Responsibilities

The Service and its contents are the property of Wollol s.r.l.s. or its licensors.

Content uploaded and shared by the User remains the property of the same User who uploaded and / or shared, or their respective owners and / or licensors, including intellectual property rights.

Users take on the responsibility of all liability, civil, penal, and administrative content, comments, information and / or messages uploaded and / or shared on www.wollol.net, and therefore Wollol s.r.l.s. declines any responsibility in this regard. Users, by the way, expressly relieve Wollol s.r.l.s. from any civil, criminal, and administrative liability in relation to content, comments, information and / or messages uploaded and / or shared on www.wollol.net.

All registered trademarks, service marks, filenames, logos, domain names, and any other features of the trademark and Wollol are the exclusive property of Wollol s.r.l.s. Or its licensors. The User is not permitted to use any trademark, logo, Wollol trademark for commercial or non-commercial use.

You also agree to abide by the User Guidelines, as specified below in Section 7, and not to use the Service or any part thereof in any way that is not expressly permitted by our Terms of Use ,by Law  or by conventions.

Third Party Software included, present and / or implemented in the Service are licensed to the user pursuant to these Terms of Use or the Terms of Use of the relevant Third Party.

4. Third-party applications

The Service is integrated with Third Party Applications, Websites and Services owned by Third Parties to make Content, Products, and / or Services available to Users. These Third Party Applications may have their own Terms andof Use and Privacy Policy thus, the user activity shall be governed by the Terms of Use and the Privacy Law of the Third Party home country legislation. The users also understands and agrees that Wollol does not promote and is not responsible for any fraudulent conduct or actions against the law, functionality or Third Party Application's content or any transaction that the user can subscribe to within the Third-party service.

5. Users Content

Users may post, upload, and / or share content with the Service and other Users, including images, text, messages, information, and / or other content.

With respect to the User content posted on Wollol, the user warrants that he/she has the right to publish such content and that it does not violate these Terms of Use, applicable laws, intellectual property or other persons' rights.

Wollol may, without any obligation to do so, monitor, review or modify the contents uploaded by the User. In any case, Wollol s.r.l.s. reserves the right to remove or disable access to any content that, according to Wollol's discretion, violates these Terms and Conditions, without prior notice to theuUsers and / or Third Parties. Any removal or disabling of access to such content is at Wollol's sole discretion.

The User is the sole responsible for any user content that he publishes. Wollol is not responsible for user Content, nor does it promote any opinion and / or conduct contained therein.

Users agree to keep and hold Wollol srls unschaded from any claims filed against Wollol, regarding content that violates these Terms of Use, by committing to any compensations reimbursement, expenses of any kind (legal, justice , procedures, etc.) and interests whenever due.

6. Wollol Rights

By virtue of the rights granted to the users pursuant to these Terms and Conditions, user grants to Wollol s.r.l.s. the right to allow the Service to be able to know the data and technical elements relating to the Devices used by the same user, for the purposes of Internet browsing, access to www.wollol.net, content upload, to facilitate the operation of the Service, to provide Advertising and other information to the User and to allow Third Parties to execute the same activities. Within the Service, the Content visualized by the user, including selection and placement, may be affected by commercial considerations including any agreements with Third Parties. Some content licensed or provided in Wollol may contain advertisements as part of the content.

User grants to Wollol s.r.l.s. A non-exclusive, transferable, sub-compliant, free, perpetual license (or in accordance with the law of the user home country), irrevocable and valid worldwide, as long as it is used, reproduced, made available to the public (i.e to display, translate, modify, create derivative work from and distribute any User Content, in relation to the Service and through any means, whether alone or in combination with other content or materials, in any way and through any means, method or technology, whether it is already known or subsequently created.

7. User Guidelines

Wollol respects the Intellectual Property Rights of Users and Third Parties, and all Users are, in turn, invited to recognize such rights.

In order to adjust the use of the Service, Wollol has set up the following User's Guide Lines, thus, the users are required to observe them, any violation to this effect legalize Wollol s.r.l.s. to terminate or suspend the Service with the User who has violated the following Guidelines along with the Terms of Service.

Therefore, it is not permitted to copy, redistribute, reproduce, extract, record, transfer, perform, or publicly display, transmit or make available to the public any part of the Service, or make any use of the Service and Content that is not expressly permitted under these Terms of Use or the applicable law or that violates any intellectual property rights (such as copyright) or any part thereof; use the Service to import or copy local files for which the user does not have the legal rights to do so; Transfer copies of Content contained in the cache from an authorized Device to any other Device through any means; reverse engineering, decompile, disassemble, modify or create derivative works based on the Service, Content or any part thereof, except where permitted by applicable law; circumvent any technology used by the Service, its licensors or other third parties in order to protect the Content or Service; sell, rent, subcontract or lease any part of the Service or the Content therein; to circumvent any regulatory or territorial restrictions imposed by law, Wollol s.r.l.s. or its licensors; Artificially increase the credit or the periods of use of its Paid, Promo and / or trial Services or manipulate the Service in any other way; Remove or modify copyright, trademarks or other intellectual property rights contained or provided through the Service, including the purpose of concealing or modifying any indications of ownership or origin of any Content; Provide your password to other people, or use other people's username and password; Sell account user and / or accept any financial or other kind of compensation with the purpose of influencing the name of an account and / or Content contained in an account.Please respect the Service provided by Wollol s.r.l.s. on www.wollol.net, as well as Content owners and other Service Users.You agree to use the Service by observing the procedures and purposes set forth in these Terms of Use and not posting on www.wollol.net for any reason and / or title of materials, terms, messages, information and anything else from the content: offensive, denigrating, defamatory, pornographic, threatening or obscene; Illegal or conceived to promote or commit any illegal act of any kind, including in non-limitative terms the violation of intellectual property rights, privacy rights or exclusive rights of Wollol s.r.l.s. or Third Parties; deliberately containing your password, the password of another User or personal data of Third Parties, or designed to solicit the granting of such personal data; malicious as malware, Trojan horses or viruses, or otherwise able to interfere with the user access to the Service; conceived or capable of causing disturbance or harassment to other Users; Able to pretend or misrepresent your affiliation with other users, persons or entities, or otherwise fraudulent, false, misleading or deceptive; Who uses automated tools to artificially promote a content; which involves the transmission of unsolicited mass messages or other forms of spam (spam), junk mail, message chains, or anything comparable, including through the inbox of Wollol; which involves business or sales activities such as advertising, promotions, competitions, lotteries or pyramid schemes, which are not expressly authorized by Wollol s.r.l.s .; Associate, refer to, or otherwise promote, commercial products or services, except for material expressly authorized by Wollol s.r.l.s .; which may interfere with or interrupt the Service in any way, tamper, violate or attempt to probe, examine, or subject to vulnerability test the Service or computer systems or the site and / or the servers owned or held by Wollol s.r.l.s, usage rules or any other security component, authentication measure, or other security measure applicable to the Service, Content or any part thereof; causing conflicts with these Terms and of Use. The user understands and agrees that the publication of such User Content may result in the immediate closure or suspension of your account at www.wollol.net. You also agree that Wollol s.r.l.s. can retrieve or block its user name for any reason.Please be mindful of how the Service is used and what you share. The Service includes social and interactive features, including the ability to publish Content, share it, and share some personal information. Please note that shared or publicl information may be used or shared by other Users at www.wollol.net or elsewhere on the Web, so please use the Service carefully and be mindful of the privacy settings of your own account. Wollol s.r.l.s. declines any responsibility for the User's decision to publish materials on the Service.

8. Violation and Reporting of User Content contrary to the Terms and Conditions of Use

Wollol respects the rights of intellectual property owners. If you believe that a content violates your intellectual property rights or other rights, or violates these Terms and Conditions of Use, or parts of it, please contact Wollol srls at the following e-mail address: info@wollol.net, or by writing to Wollol srl, 62010 Montecosaro (MC), Via F.lli Cervi n. 32, Italy.If Wollol is informed by a copyright owner of a copyright infringement by a User or a Content, Wollol may act in its sole discretion without prior notice to the User or the Provider of such Content. In case it is established that such activity does not constitute a breach, the User or the Supplier may require to Wollol s.r.l.s. to restore the content removed through the procedure stated above.

9. Trademarks

Where the User creates an account on behalf of a trademark or company, cooperative, public or private entity, association, consortium or organization, these Terms and Conditions apply to both the User and the Trademark, or company, cooperative, public or private authority, association, consortium, organization.When a trademark, company, cooperative, public or private entity, association, consortium or organization is created, the User ensures and warrants that he/she is authorized to grant all the necessary permissions and licenses and to bind the Trademark ,company, cooperative, public or private entity, association, consortium, organization, in compliance with the Terms and Conditions of Use.

10. Customer service

To get customer support on your account and payment related queries, please email: info@wollol.net, or by writing to Wollol srl, 62010 Montecosaro (MC), Via F.lli Cervi n . 32, Italy.zbr> Wollol is committed to responding to all requests sent within a reasonable time but does not guarantee that the same requests can be answered in a particular time and / or can be answered satisfactorily.

11. Payment and withdrawal

Paid Service can be purchased directly from the User or through a Third Party by paying in advance a periodic subscription fee to be paid in advance following the procedure specified at the time of purchase or by prepaying for a particular period of time or particular functionality.

If the deadline and / or period has expired, or if the prepaid balance is not enough to cover the fee, the Paid Service will dectivate automatically at the end of the expected period.

Subject to applicable Consumer Law provisions in the respective countries of residence of Consumer Users regarding withdrawal, redemption, and payments.

Any reconsideration, withdrawals and / or redemptions from the Paid Service have to be required within three (3) days of the payment with notice to be sent to info@wollol.net or by writing to Wollol srls, 62010 Montecosaro (MC), Via F. Lli Cervi n. 32, Italy, indicating the chosen refund method; without prejudice to the consumer law provisions in force in the countries of residence of the Users regarding withdrawals, refunds, reconsiderations and payments.

If the purchase was made through a Third Party, the User is subject to the terms established in the agreement with the Third Party, which are added to these Terms and Conditions of Use.

Wollol s.r.l.s. reserves the right to change the Paid Service fee ,for this purpose Wollol s.r.l.s. will notify the users in advance regarding any changes.

Price changes will only be valid for the period following their entry into force and for contracts that will be concluded at a later date, there won't be any price change. However, in case of renewal of the Paid Service upon expiration, this will get the new price as previously modified and accepted.

If the User does not accept the price change, he has the right to unsubscribe from the Paid Service  before such change takes effect. Please read carefully any communications regarding price changes.

12. Terms and cancellation

The Service is made available to the User until it is terminated by the User himself or by Wollol s.r.l.s.; however, the user understands and agrees that his/her data, content, information, messages, opinions, etc. may still be present in the Service even after the withdrawal, cancellation or at the end subscription.They remain firm and valid with respect to the User, even if the provisions on civil, criminal and administrative liability under the applicable law and these Terms and Conditions of Use have been revoked or excluded.For more information about closing your account, please contact Wollol at info@wollol.net or by writing to Wollol s.r.l.s., 62010 Montecosaro (MC), Via F.lli Cervi n. 32, Italy.

13. Warranty and Disclaimer of Liability

Wollol always strives to make the service available to the user in the best possible ways. However, the user understands and agrees that the Service is provided as it is and as available at this specific time, without warranty of any kind and / or conditions regarding the proper functioning of the Service. The user uses the Service at his/her own risk. Wollol does not warrant the absence of malware, viruses, or other malicious components for the Users Devices that access www.wollol.net. Likewise, Wollol can not equally guarantee the absence of malware, viruses or other harmful components that can demage the Users Devices and that they could be found in the components provided at www.wollol.net by Third Parties. Wollol is also not responsible for any transactions between the User and Third Parties, which will be governed by the agreements between the Purchaser (user) and the Third Selling Party.

14. Limitations of Liability and Compensation

The www.wollol.net website is not a software and therefore Wollol s.r.l.s. is not responsible for any damage, injury or malfunction of Devices, things, and / or people. In any case, the User expressly agrees to waive any right to compensation, reimbursement and any other damages against Wollol s.r.l.s., therefore, the user will be solely responsible for any prejudices .Within the limits set by the law in the respective country of residence of the Users, they agree to indemnify Wollol as a result of any damages, losses and expenses of any kind and due to any breach of these Terms and Conditions and / or legal provisions and / or rights of other Users or third parties.

15. The agreement and the additional terms

These Terms and Conditions constitute the contractual agreement between the User and Wollol, and replace any prior agreement related to this subject. However, some other aspects related to the use of the Service may be governed by further arrangements for this purpose. The applicable law will be communicated to you in the manner and form that Wollol will deem appropriate and in accordance with these Terms and Conditions of Use and the applicable law in the respective country of residence of the Users.If there is a conflict between the new additional terms and those here outlined, the new additional terms will prevail.

16. Derogation and substitution of the right of invalid clauses

Except for what it is stated in these Terms and Conditions and whether any Clause of the same Terms is deemed invalid or unenforceable for any reason or at any level, such invalidity or inapplicability shall in no way interfere with or render ineffective or inapplicable the remaining Clauses of the Terms of Use and the application of such clause will be imposed within the limits provided by the applicable law.Any failure to properly apply the Terms and Conditions of Use or any relevant clauses made by Wollol or any third party shall not invalidate Wollol's or any third party's right to comply with these Terms.

17. Legislation and jurisdiction, Arbitration clause

Except where otherwise required under a specific law of a Member State of the European Union or other jurisdiction, these Terms and Conditions of Use, their interpretation, application and any controversy / contractual claims and not deriving from or related to themselves, are subject to the laws of the Italian State, irrespective of choice or conflict of law principles. This is without prejudice to the consumer law in force in the respective countries of residence of the users. The user and Wollol agrees that any dispute, claim or matter between User and Wollol s.r.l.s. deriving from or relating in any way to these Terms and Conditions of Use and / or the use of the Service will be solved through a mediation or arbitration procedure of individual law. These should be initiated by one of the parties in a preventive and pre-judiciary manner with respect to the judgment, which will be promoted in front of the Arbitration  department of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Crafts and Agriculture of Macerata, in the forms, times and modalities envisaged by the Authority itself and reported on the web page: http://www.mc.camcom.it. Any and future changes to this arbitration clause may be made by Wollol s.r.l.s., and will be communicated by Wollol itself in the manner, timing and form provided by these Terms and Conditions . You may reject these changes by sending a written notice within 30 days from the date of change to info@wollol.net or by writing to Wollol s.r.l.s., 62010 Montecosaro (MC), Via F.lli Cervi n. 32, Italy; In this case, the dissenting user account will be terminated immediately as the relevant arbitration clause will be the same as the one in force before the change.

18. Renunciation of the right to collective action (Class Action)

Where permitted by the laws in force in the country of residence of Users, these together with Wollol s.r.l.s. They agree that each person may submit requests to the other solely in an individual and non-collective form, or in a Class Action form as identified and governed by the applicable local law. Unless agreed upon by the User and Wollol, no Referee or Judge will be able to examine the requests of one person or more, or otherwise preside over any form of representative or class procedures.

If the class action waiver is inapplicable in relation to clause 17, this provision (clause 18) will be applicable, and in this case, the parties agree that the exclusive jurisdiction will be that specified in clause 17, subject to the consumer law applicable in the users home country.

19. Contacts

For queries about the Service, Wollol, the Terms of Service or the Privacy Policy, please contact Wollol s.r.l.s. at the following e-mail address: info@wollol.net, or by writing to Wollol s.r.l.s., 62010 Montecosaro (MC), Via F.lli Cervi n. 32, Italy.


Thank you for reading our Terms and Conditions of Use.

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