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Welcome to Wollol! Before starting your new experience, we recommend you to keep on reading this information. Do not worry, it's short and easy to read, and in the end you'll know more about Wollol's work ethic and how we take care of you and the data you provide.

Your privacy is very important to us, therefore we strive in order to protect your data and the privacy of the ones you love. This is how we show our commitment to give to our users the best experience ever.

You must know that this note is intended to explain how Wollol uses the information you share and authorize on our platform.

In fact, in order to offer you an ever better service, we use or interact with cookies and other technologies, and we also use systems and tools located in foreign countries where we can transmit the information you have previously provided and authorized only for the purposes related to your Wollol experience and also for advertising, promotional and marketing purposes.

In this regard, we hereby inform you that it is our aim that you get to know and understand how we process your information so that you will sign the Privacy Statement in full awareness.

What happens once I sign up to Wollol?

When you register with us at , Wollol may ask you for information about your username, password, email address, date of birth, sex, address, etc. .

Thus, if you have access to our service through third-party services credentials (such as Facebook, Twitter, G +), the user authorizes Wollol to collect its authentication details, such as username and password, and other information available within the above mentioned application's account.

Do not worry, you can always choose which details you want to show to the audience via the relevant section on the website. These details could be: your phone number, audio content, contacts, apps, the items and the products that you prefer, you could even allow Wollol to know them for a better social experience.

For example: the content you want to publish, including messages you would like to exchange with your friends, data about the connection type, the device you are using, or your favorite sites and apps. Wollol can also receive your information directly from our service providers and partners to customize your user experience and improve the quality of our service.

In addition, if you subscribe to some paid services offered by Wollol, we should know the details of your chosen payment method and other data needed to process the service you require (such as your address, your mobile number or your credit card info). For a more complete and secure processing of your request, such information may be used and shared with other companies (such as your bank or other business partners) that may not be based in Italy or Europe.

Remember: In case of special promotions, surveys or Privacy changes, Wollol will send you a notification before they become effective and we will let you know as well if there is additional information that must be added to the already existent Privacy Policy.

How do you use my information?

In accordance with the Law (Legislative Decree 196/03), we use the information collected to improve, personalize and analyze your Wollol experience so that it is unique, just like you!

Your data allows us and our partners to guarantee you the technical features of the service itself and to develop and update it according to your needs and your user profile. You will be notified about the new content via email, message and / or notification if you have previously accepted and authorized it, so that we will keep you  ap to date with new features, information, advertising or other customized content.

Wollol and its business and commercial partners will therefore know your name and / or username, images and content of your profile and who you are following or whoever follows you.

If you make your data available to the public, it may be known by the Wollol community and third parties to promote the service and help you find your friends in accordance to the restrictions on information&data privacy setting , which you can change from time to time in the appropriate section of your account settings.

If you choose to link your Wollol account with other third-party services, we may get to know to your activities on those services, and vice versa. In particular, you must know that the third-party service is not controlled or influenced by Wollol, therefore we don't take on any responsibility for your actions. Your activity on these services is regulated by the third-party's Privacy Policy (which migt be different from the privacy law of your home country)and by the specific settings you have chosen.

In this regard, Wollol may share information with advertising partners in order to send you promotional notifications, or to show you the most relevant content (advertising, services, and ads).

To better protect your privacy, we inform you that the information is shared using a de-identified format (for example, by using overwrite) that does not allow you to personally identify yourself.

And if I am a minor?

Wollol is not designed to be used by under legal age children and it does not collect personal information about children under the age of 18 or under the legal age established by their home country. Thus, minors must not use Wollol nor provide their own personal information on this platform. In any case, minors should get help from your parents to better understand our service and Terms.

What if I decide to delete my Wollol account?

In case you decide to delete your account, the previously disclosed and processed data may be destroyed or transferred to another holder, ( use of the data will be pertain to the original purpose of the collection for which the user gave the consent), or stored for personal purposes only and not intended for systematic communication or dissemination, or stored or transferred to another holder for historical, statistical or scientific purposes, in accordance with the law, regulations, community law and ethics codes within the privacy policy.

One last thing! Everyone is talking about cookies ... but what are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your device when visiting a website. Cookies help a site manager to recognize devices used to access them at later visits.Cookies can be divide in two categories: session cookies(they expire once the web browser is closed); persistent cookies (they remain on the device for a period of time or until they are deleted by the user). They are used for several purposes: core operations,to make the system up and running; performance / analysis, access analysis, service management; functional operations; advertising and third parties service.

Is that all?

Yup! Just one last thing! By accepting this statement, you give express consent to the processing of your personal and sensitive data by Wollol s.r.l.s., in person of l.r.p.t., P. Iva and c.f. 01919360436, with registered offices in 62010 Montecosaro (MC), Via F.lli Cervi n. 32, Italy, as service provider, as well as by its appointed delegates, as well as the use of cookies and other technologies described above.If you do not agree to the terms of this statement, please do not use Wollol. For any questions about privacy and these Terms, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you! Or you could have look at the full version of this statement.

Thanks for your consideration!

The Wollol staff

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