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Welcome to Wollol! Before starting your new experience, we recommend you to keep on reading this statement. Do not worry, it's short and easy to read, and you'll know something more about  Wollol's work ethic and how we take care of you and the datas you provide.


First of all you must know that your privacy is important to us, and that the protection of your privacy, and the one of those you love, is our best way to show you the attention we pay to our users. We have worked constantly to update our processes and documentation in order to be compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the new European Data Protection Act which is valid in all the countries belonging the European Union, and so we have also updated our privacy policy to give you all the information you need and to know better your rights.


This statement is therefore intended to explain how Wollol uses the information you share and authorize on our platform.


To offer you an efficient and up-to-date service, we use cookies (including third parties cookies) and hardware and software technologies, within the European Union and eventually, of systems and tools in foreign countries, where we could allocate the information you communicated and authorized, for purposes related to your experience in Wollol, but also for advertising, promotional and marketing purposes.


On this point, we make sure that you understand how your datas are processed, to give you always a better service.


OK, but what has changed since the last privacy statement?


Many things! Now there is much more information in our extensive privacy policy which you can check at any time to clear all your doubts, such as knowing the purpose of the datas processsing and its legal basis, the goals and objectives pursued by Wollol, any eventual recipients or any eventual categories of recipients who can access your personal datas, any processing of your datas in a third country or by an international organization, the retention period of personal datas, or the criteria used to determine such period, the possibility for you to request access to your personal datas, their correction or deletion or even the limitation of the processing itself, the right to propose a complaint to a national control authority, the possible consequences of failure to disclose your personal datas, the existence of automated processes which process the datas you supply and authorize us to process, including profiling for commercial and marketing purposes ... so many new things!


Moreover, you can avail yourself not only of the well-known "right to be forgotten", with which you can ask us to delete all your tracks in the world of Wollol, but also realise the portability of your sensitive datas to the server of services you prefer, a bit like your cell phone number you can keep while changing operator.

So what happens when I sign up on Wollol?

When you subscribe to our service on the web site, or through our App, Wollol can ask you about your username, password, e-mail address, date of birth, gender, address, and so on...

The same thing happens if you log-in using the credentials of a third-party Application (for example, Facebook, Twitter, Google+): the user authorizes Wollol to collect his authentication information, as, for example, your e-mail used on other social medias, etc.

Do not worry, you can always and at any time change or implement your datas, or make public or not the information you want, through the appropriate section on the web site, or by sending an e-mail to, thus allowing Wollol to get to know them for a better social experience.

For example: the content you want to publish such as name, surname, e-mail, including the comments you want to share with your friends, the datas related to activities on the web site or in the app.

In addition, should you subscribe to any paid service offered by Wollol, we should know the information related to the method of payment chosen by you and other datas necessary to process the requested service (for example your address, your mobile number or your credit card and so on.). For a more complete and secure processing of the request, this information may be used and shared with other companies (such as, for example, your bank or other business partners), which may also not be based in Italy or in Europe.

Remember: in case of special promotions, surveys or changes to the processing of your privacy, we at Wollol will notify you of any changes that will be made to this statement and, if necessary, additional information to what you stated at the time of your subscription.


How will we use your information?

In compliance with the Law on the subject (the EU Regulation 2016/679 and Legislative Decree 196/03 as amended), we use the information collected to improve, customize and analyze your experience in Wollol so as to make it unique, just like you!

Remember that your consent is necessary to be able to take advantage of some services made available by Wollol, such as the use of cookies and other technologies, the possible transfer of the information outside the country of residence, the collection, the use, the sharing and the processing of your information, also for commercial and advertising purposes, profiling activities and others.

Your data also allow us and our partners to guarantee the technical features of the service, to develop and update it according to your needs and your user profile, including by e-mail, messages and/or notifications if accepted and authorized by you, providing functionality, information, advertising or other content customized for you.

Moreover, your datas, if shared by you, will be known by the community of Wollol and by third parties to promote the service and help you find your friends, without prejudice to the limitations on sharing your information to guarantee your privacy , which you can from time to time change in the dedicated section of the account settings.

If you need to link your account on Wollol to other services provided by third parties, we may know your activities on these services and, in the same way, these services may know what you share and your preferences on Wollol. Particularly, you must know that the service provided by third parties, of which Wollol can not influence the activity and therefore can not be responsable, is governed by the privacy policies of the respective services and the settings you have chosen to inside them.

On this point, Wollol may share information with advertising partners in order to send you promotional communications, or to show you the contents best suited to you (advertising, services and announcements).

To protect your privacy, you should know that the information which is shared is in a de-identified format (for example through the use of overwriting or encryption) which does not allow you to be identified.

However Wollol will inform you at any time of any changes in the way your privacy is processed, so as to be always updated

And if I'm underage / a minor?

Wollol is not designed for minors under the age of 16 and it does not purposely collect personal information about minors under the age of 16 or the age limit in the respective home country.

Users who do not exceed this age limit must not use Wollol or provide their personal information. In any case, get help from your parents to better understand our service.

CanI refuse to give my consent to the processing of datas?

Sure! You can safely exercise your right of opposition at any time, even after your subscription to Wollol, by giving us notice and we will proceed to discontinue the processing. In this case, however, the service offered by Wollol may be completely or partially interrupted.

One last thing! Everybody talks about cookies...but what are the cookies?

Cookies are small text files stored on your device when you visit a website. Cookies help a site operator to recognize the devices used to access them during following visits.

The cookies can be session cookies (expire once the Web browser is closed), or persistent (they remain on the device for a period of time or until they are deleted by the user), for many different purposes: essential operations, necessary to allow the service to operate; performance/analysis, necessary to analyse accesses, use and/or management of the service, functional, for advertising, from third parties and for profiling.

Their operation can be limited through the activation of specific services made available by your browser. You can learn more by reading the appropriate section in our extended privacy policy dedicated to cookies which can be read at any time on our site.

Is that all?

Yes! By accepting our privacy policy you give your consent consent to the processing of your personal and sensitive datas by Wollol s.r.l.s., in person of l.r.p.t., P. Iva and c.f. 01919360436, with registered offices in 62010 Montecosaro (MC), Via F.lli Cervi n. 32, Italy, as Data Controller (Controller), as well as by its eventually appointed delegates, whom you can find at Wollol s.r.l.s. or contact to the e-mail address, as well as the use of cookies and other technologies described above.

If you do not agree to the terms of this statement, you will not be able to use Wollol.

For more information and to deepen the subject, take a look at our full version of this statement here.


For any questions about privacy and this statement, please contact us freely at the e-mail address and we will be happy to answer you!


Thanks for your attention and enoy your Time travel!


The Wollol staff


Data controller and Data Processor

Wollol s.r.l.s.

P.I./C.F. 01919360436

62010 Montecosaro (MC)

Via F.lli Cervi n.32


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